Valles florent undique | Montium in Tegernsee.

Ein religiöser locus amoenus des Spätmittelalters


  • Victoria Hohenadel


Latin monastic poetry, Tegernsee, descriptio loci, Petrus von Rosenheim, locus amoenus, Late medieval reform movement, critical edition


Victoria Hohenadel: Valles florent undique | Montium in Tegernsee. A religious locusamoenus of the late Middle Ages.

This article discusses a poem from the early 15th century describing the beauty of Lake Tegernsee, as well as the local monastery, its abbot, and monks. Firstly, the manuscripts, the various titles, and the remarkable layout of the poem in the codices are introduced. After presenting the previous research on the question whether Peter of Rosenheim is the author of the poem the text is situated in its historical context with special regard to its possible date of origin under Abbot Georg Türndl (1418 – 1423). Furthermore, it is evaluated as a source for the historical perception of the monastery’s former conditions. In a next step, the poem is analyzed in its literary aspects, especially referring to its description of Tegernsee as a locus amoenus. Finally, the possible authorship of Peter of Rosenheim is discussed in the light of the late medieval reform movement. The poem’s dating to 1426 in the manuscripts matches the early renewal movement in Tegernsee as the poem carries the signature of the emergent reform. A critical edition is included.