Das Latinum Ydeoma des Schlesiers Andreas Hündern (um 1493, gedruckt um 1503 in Breslau)

Kritische Edition mit Beigaben zum literarischen und biographischen Umfeld Hünderns


  • Oliver Humberg




Latin school books, Latin conversation, Silesian humanism, early prints


Oliver Humberg: The Latinum Ydeoma by Andreas Huendern of Silesia (around 1493, printed around 1503 in Wrocław). Critical Edition with supplements concerning Huendern’s literary and biographical context.

The first Latin conversation book with a classical claim, published around 1483 by Paul Schneevogel better known as Paulus Niavis, has been critically edited in MJb 2020. Schneevogel’s first known imitator or follower was Andreas Huendern from Silesia whose Latinum Ydeoma, likewise addressing the needs of pupils at school, was written in the first half of the 1490s. This work proves that Schneevogel had successfully established a genre. The critical edition presented here provides the basis for a deeper understanding of the source’s value for the cultural, and particularly scholastical history, and at the same time, for a deeper analysis of how the linguistic features of this genre have developed since. After giving a general outline of the author’s pedagogical and poetical work as well as his literary contacts within the university of Erfurt, the Latinum Ydeoma is contextualized in Huendern’s biography in order to date and locate its composition more accurately. In doing so further arguments supporting Lwówek Śląski as place of origin are introduced. This edition provides a text emended in many places and supplemented by necessary historical explanatory notes. The introduction also includes a large epistola poetica by Huendern, that is published here for the first time.