Per il carteggio di Giorgio Valla. Lettere inedite e nuovi autografi da Firenze, Piacenza e Colonia*


  • Maria Teresa Laneri



latin humanism, epistolography, Georgius Valla, autograph letters


Maria Teresa Laneri: For the correspondence of Giorgio Valla. Unpublished letters and new autographs from Florence, Piacenza and Cologne

The present study is the result of an enquiry aimed at tracing all the epistolary documents concerning the humanist and scientist Giorgio Valla. Alongs idea catalogue of all the letters known to date, the article presents four unknown missives, two sent by Francesco Tranchedini and Rutgerus Sycamber to Valla, and two dispatched by Valla to Bartolomeo and Francesco Maria Scotti. Found by the present writer at the Archivio di Stato di Piacenza, the two letters to Scotti were handwritten by Giorgio Valla and can now be added to Valla’s only surviving autograph, which is held at the Archivio di Stato di Milano.The letter to Bartolomeo Scotti includes Giorgio Valla’s sigillum, the only one known to exist. The four new letters are edited in an appendix. The article also discusses the date and further issues related to the edited documents.